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EDV is a leading manufacturer of rigid barrier packaging for the food industry worldwide. EDV has been working for widely known brand owners for more than 30 years.


Ready Meals

Ready Meals requires a very performance packaging for a strong retorting process first, then for a long shelf life of up to 12 months and finally to be heated in a microwave. EDV has developed on a tailor-made basis a very successful products as soups, rice, pasta, meat, vegetables, …


Baby Food

Baby Food is one of most demanding product to be packed: strong retorting process or aseptic filling, long shelf life up to 12 months and finally to be heated in a microwave. EDV has developed on a tailor-made basis or standard cups a performing product for salted or sweet baby food.



For more than 15 years the fruit bowls replace old cans for the to go consumption of peaches, pineapple, mandarins, pears… EDV is one of the global market leaders due to a cost effective, performance and standard product for the main producers and main private labels in the world. EDV supplies this bowls to more than 13 different countries globally.



Coffee capsules are a very successful product in our daily live. Very convenient product and provides an excellent coffee. EDV has been developed together with our clients a very performance capsule which meets first the aroma barrier for the coffee and, finally, a demanding and excellent brew of the coffee.


Dairy Products

EDV has more than 25 years of experience in this market. Based on FFS sheets, EDV has a terrific reputation for the most demanding FFS processes: high speed, long shelf life and difficult deep draw. EDV is one the main references of this products in Europe.


To Go Packs

Eat-to-go has been very popular in the last years. EDV has been developed a very popular packaging for different products as cakes, chocolate, … even olives. All of then requires of an easy peel system and a To-go-design.

Your Tech Partner

EDV wants to be your primary partner in rigid barrier packaging solutions for food preservation, always keeping an ethical and responsible behavior.
Benefits of working with EDV:

  • Experienced and dedicated team for barrier packaging
  • Tailor made solutions to fulfil your needs
  • Proven and continuously improved Quality Consistency.
  • Collaborative and open approach for product innovation and improvement.
  • Good cooperation with machinery manufacturers and complementary suppliers.
  • Customer-centric and worldwide flexible organisation
  • Pilot plant and extensive Lab equipment to give full service.

EDV’s multi-layer sheets and thermoforming range cater to your needs in shelf life extension and food preservation in a number of processes, from Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) or Aseptic Filling, to demanding Sterilization of foods.

Global Player

EDV Packaging is present in 5 continents for many years. We’re actively running our sales team from our Headquarters in Barcelona, Spain and also in our Sales Office in Singapore for the Asian market.








At EDV Packaging we are convinced that managing the environmental impact is an important factor for our customers packaging strategy. Our materials offer a greatly reduced carbon footprint when compared to the metal can and the glass jar.
  • We at EDV have a firm commitment to sustainability in food packaging.
  • Our R&D team works continously with raw materials suppliers, customers and stakeholders to develop our offer in this field.
  • We are conscious of our impact on the enviroment and have developed a sustainable scrap-free process.
  • We keep working with our partners to find new ways of reducing the impact on the enviroment in a cost-efficent way.

% Carbon Footprint contribution for a Baby Food 240ml Pack





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